Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays--the school room

Remember this?

well, this is what it looked like after Josh and the girls got into it.

not perfect but much better

lots more room so we can actually use the school room instead of the kitchen table

a couple more things to be done like throw out the boxes of rubbish and organize a few more shelves and whatnot. But we use it and have kept it tidy since. YAY!!

I'm linking up to Amy at New Nostalgia


Suzy said...

Good job! Much nicer and its great you had help.

Saminda said...

Looks great Tamra!! Good on Josh for getting into that job. :D

jen said...

Anyone who homeschools has my undying admiration. And if you have time to organize on top of that . . . kudos.

Amy Bowman said...

I love how much you have been getting done! Thanks for sharing at "AP Tuesdays!"